Breeana & Billy

Breeana and Billy’s wedding was an example of what we think makes for a great wedding video, namely a story. Unlike photography, video has the power to tell a more complete narrative story. We build the backbones of our videos from the narrative people bring to their weddings. The more you put out there, the more personalized the wedding video will be. Thankfully weddings provide lots of opportunities to tell these stories: your personal vows during the ceremony, interaction with the camera during the “getting ready,” letters and gift exchanges before the ceremony, a toast or quick speech thanking the guests at the reception and, the least controllable, good toasts from the wedding party. Don’t get me wrong, the venue matters, emotion matters, great visuals matter, but without a good narrative to tie it all together they tend to have less impact. I know there are a million things pulling at you on and before the big day. But if you can take a couple moments away from the planning and chaos and write down what your partner means to you and why you are going to all this trouble. Not only will it help the video but it will clear your head and bring you back to center.

Venue: Estancia Hotel, La Jolla
Coordination: Bliss Events
Photography: Brett and Emily Photographers

Bride and groom after the ceremony

Bride with bouquet at Estancia.

wedding bike


Close up of bride and groom

Bride and groom gazing

Bride and Groom at Estancia La Jolla

bridal bouquet


Wedding First Look

Bride and Groom First Look

Estancia La Jolla Wedding video

Groom adjusting tie

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