These two love birds planned a fabulous 4th of July wedding, complete with some of the best dance choreography we’ve seen in a long while. This was no easy task when not 1… but 2 of your bride’s maids are fully 8 months pregnant and your wedding party isn’t small. But somehow they pulled it off beautifully and even had their parents out there cutting the rug. Emily, Jon and the whole wedding party brought ton’s of positive energy and an infectious enthusiasm to the entire event: great vows, great speeches and lots of smiles and love. Basically, they provided all the ingredients we need to make a great wedding video. Of course, the venue helps too and the Twin Oaks House & Garden Estate is one of our favorite places to film weddings in San Diego. We love the vintage vibe of the space, single location for everything and super attentive staff who keep everything moving along smoothly. Congrats you two!

Emily & Jon at Twin Oaks House & Garden Estate

Wedding dress Twin Oaks House & Garden Estate

Bride looks into camera

getting in the wedding dress

Bride puts on earings

Bride getting ready

Wedding video at Twin Oaks House & Garden Estate

close up of bride and groom holding hands

Groomsmen toast

Bride and groom in Twin Oaks House & Garden Estate

Bride and groom coming down the aisle

father and daughter wedding dance

Bride and groom at Twin Oaks House & Garden Estate

Wedding party choreographed dance

We’ve talked a lot about how much we love filming weddings at Twin Oaks Garden Estate and Krista & Paul’s wedding was no exception. Not only did their relative from Naples Italy blow the roof (or tent) off the reception with his amazing vocal performance, but the whole event had great energy and infectious vibes that carried the day and made for a great video we think. Great vows, great couple, great wedding!

Bride and Groom at  Twin Oaks Garden Estate