Katherine & Paresh


What a great day! This fun couple came all the way from New York to tie the knot at Twin Oaks Garden Estate. The mixture of bright colors, elaborately painted henna inks on Katherine’s hands and other embellishments of South Asian Indian Wedding Culture provided some fun flair to the wedding video. To top it off, they both wrote some amazing wedding vows and brought so much of their own personalities, energy and love to what was really a perfect day. We worked with some great vendors on this one including Paige Nelson Photography and the staff at Twin Oaks was tip top… as always. So much fun!

Anna & Michael


Elika & James


Elika and James had a delightful wedding at the Twin Oaks Garden Estate in San Marcos, Ca. As we’ve mentioned before, we love the rustic beauty and ease of filming at this wonderful wedding venue. Having been away from each other at different schools for a few years right up until the wedding it was inspiring to see James and Elika’s persistence and planning pay off.

Carmen & Greg at Twin Oaks Garden Estate

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To say Carmen poured her personality into her wedding is a huge understatement. The level of planning and detail that went into all the decor and center pieces was truly astounding. Despite hail falling in the morning, the rain abated in the afternoon and we had a beautiful day at the always fabulous Twin Oaks Garden Estate in San Marcos. Greg and Carmen and their friends and family had such good energy and kept the party going until the end of the reception. Congratulations guys!

Venue: Twin Oaks Garden Estate
Photography: John Salgado
DJ: Paul Peterson