5 Reasons to do a First Look


Should you do a first look in your wedding video.

Many couples are unsure whether to do a First Look, which is taking a moment to see each other before the ceremony. Having filmed weddings for over 10 years, we have to say, “Yes, you should definitely do a First Look!”  Here’s why:

  1. You will be moved – We often hear that one person is more “traditional” and wants to save the moment for the ceremony when they first see their partner coming down the aisle. Although this sounds reasonable, I have never filmed a bride or a groom who wasn’t swept up in the gravity and emotion of the moment when the bride comes down the aisle. It’s just too big.  You’re a human and you’ll be moved whether you do the First Look or not.
  1. Enjoying the moment – There are a lot of distractions during a wedding ceremony: the logistics of getting everyone down the aisle, thinking about your vows, is the right music playing? Where do I stand? etc.  A First Look allows you to breathe and truly take in the moment properly. You have the freedom to talk and share the emotion of seeing your partner in all their wedding-day splendor for the first time.
  1. Better photos and video – Time is a precious resource at a wedding. The closer you get to ceremony the more things become rushed. Doing a First Look before the ceremony means we can get all of the major bridal party and bride-groom photos and video done and out of the way early. Without a First Look we have to fit virtually everything in during cocktail hour: family photos, group shots, bridal party photos. And finally, if there’s time, we get to film the couple together while staff and family members ask you questions and you stress over: Is everything in the reception getting setup right? Do we have enough time to bustle the dress? etc. etc. And believe me, that added stress affects your composure in the photos and video. Whereas, if 70% of the photos and video are already done, it leaves us with lots of time to just get a few creative sunset shots, have some fun and possibly even get you to the cocktail hour, if you so desire. Some of our best wedding videos are the ones when we’ve had ample time to film the bride and groom before the ceremony.
  1. Great photo and video opportunity – The First Look itself is also just a great video and photo op. We are all about personalizing your wedding as much as possible. For video that often means creating a narrative and hearing your words, which we like to do by having couples read a card to each other or by using their personal vows. The First Look serves as a great visual scene for the audio narrative to cover, helping carry the story forward. We also like to mic the groom before the First Look and sometimes the raw emotion of what you say during the moment is truly priceless.
  1. Time of year – Lastly, if you are having a wedding during the Fall or Winter after the time change, it’s almost imperative that you do a First Look because the daylight fades so quickly.  There’s nothing worse than running out of time because there’s not light left or being forced to film in some poorly lit interior, especially when we have all this great light here in San Diego.

We understand that a First Look isn’t for everyone and some schedules just don’t allow for it.  Of course, we still manage to create lots of great wedding videos without them.  One option for those who are dead set against a full First Look is the “sorta kinda First Look,” the “quasi First Look,” if you will.  This is where you torture yourselves by not actually seeing each other, but instead, through the careful orchestration of your photographer and videographer, hold hands around a corner or wear a blind fold and only talk to each other about your excitement, all the while wondering about how great your partner looks. Obviously, we’re not huge fans of this and selfishly prefer the real thing. However, it can actually be much more charming than we make it sound as demonstrated in Kelley & Mar’s endearing scene at the beginning of their wedding highlights video.

Hopefully we’ve provided at least a few compelling reasons to at least consider the benefits of a First Look. After all, we’ve never heard of anyone ever regretting it.


Kellie & Marionne

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We just loved working with this fun couple. Their enthusiasm and energy was so infectious. Not only did we get to film their wedding video but also their Love Story Video (which we’ll post soon). Love Stories are great because, unlike photographers, we don’t often get time with the couple in front of the camera before the wedding day. A Love Story allows us to build a rapport and get a feeling for their style, history together and vibe, making the wedding video that much better.

We also had some great vendors on this one too:
Venue: Rancho Bernardo Inn
Planners: Events Inspired
Photography:ABM Photography

Betsey & Zach

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We love how this couple’s wedding video turned out. Filming at the iconic La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla is always a treat. The views are amazing and the old world architecture has so much charm . And I don’t know if it’s the reflection off the windows… but there’s always something extraordinary about the light on the bride during the ceremony. On top of all that, Betsey and Zach had a pitch perfect wedding with great speeches, great vows and lots of love. We wish them all the best.

Bride and groom on balcony Wedding video at La Valencia Hotel

Bride Reading card before weddingBridesmaids in robes Bride getting ready at La Valencia Hotel La JollaBride putting on dress La Valencia Hotel La Jolla

First look wedding video la jollaFirst look wedding video la jolla
Bride walks down the aisle with dad at La Valencia HotelLa Valencia Wedding Ceremony

Bride in La Valencia wedding video during Ceremony La Jolla.

Wedding creremony La Valencia

Bride and groom walk at La Valencia


Bride and groom La Jolla Wedding Video
Bride and groom La Jolla Wedding Video


Groomsmen at La Valencia wedding

Bride with Bridesmaids at La Valencia wedding before ceremony.

Bride and groom La Jolla Wedding Video

Bride hold bouquet san diego wedding video



wedding party la valencia hotel

wedding party la valencia hotel

Bride hold bouquet san diego wedding video




First look wedding video la jolla

First look wedding video la jolla




Beautiful La Valencia Wedding CereomonyParents with bride at wedding la jolla



La Jolla wedding video



Lovely wedding stationary





Groom at La Valencia Hotel




Carrie & Blake

We had a blast filming this wedding!  Carrie, Blake and all their friends and family were so enthusiastic and exciting to work with. What a fun tight knit group!  And we just loved the vintage Mustang.  It was also great to film at Lomas Santa Fe Country Club again with their fabulous staff. Lots of great vendors on this one.

Planner: Niche Weddings and Events
Photography: Emma Hopp Photography
Dj: The Groove
Cake: Sweet Cheeks Baking
Reception: Lomas Santa Fe CC
Flowers: The Flower Shop Encinitas
Hair: Jeri Agonia
Make Up: Creators Canvas
Church: Church of the Nativity
Getting Ready: Hilton Torrey Pines


cute wedding sandals

Carrie-Blake-Weddding-Video (2 of 24)

Weddding-Video Hilton Torrey Pines

Rancho Santa Fe Church

Wedding Hilton Torrey Pines


Carrie-Blake-Weddding-Video (19 of 24)

Carrie-Blake-Weddding-Video (18 of 24)

Wedding Cake

cutest kid on the dance floor

cutest kid on the dance floor

wedding cake detail shots

wedding signage ideas

Wedding Church of the Nativity

bride and groom vintage ford mustang

Carrie-Blake-Weddding-Video (11 of 24)

bride and groom funny ring shot

San Diego Wedding Video

Carrie-Blake-Weddding-Video (8 of 24)

Carrie-Blake-Weddding-Video (7 of 24)

bride and groom crack champagne

Carrie-Blake-Weddding-Video (5 of 24)

Carrie-Blake-Weddding-Video (4 of 24)

Bride and groom in front of Church


Kendrix & Dennis


We really enjoyed working with this fun couple! Their previous 11 years together made for some really funny and endearing vows. This together with their close friend’s pitch perfect job officiating, made for a great ceremony. And of course filming a wedding at The Crossings in Carlsbad and working with their team over there is always great. Congratulations guys!

Bride at Crossings in Carlsbad

Wedding ceremony from the Crossings at Carlsbad

bride holding bouquet carsbad

groom getting ready

bestman helps with grooms tie

cute wooden wedding cake toppers

Bride and groom walk togeather

bride and groom at Carlsbad wedding

Bride and Groom kiss at ceremony

Crossings Carlsbad wedding


San Diego Wedding Video