Kelsey & Jared

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We absolutely adore this wedding. These two amazing people brought so much love and creativity to their big day. Jared is an uber-talented singer, performer and all-around super nice guy. He sang, he played piano and both of them wrote some of the most moving and passionate vows we’ve seen in a long while. Hearing their story about how they met in New York and then found themselves in San Diego was so nice. Filming the rehearsal dinner was also great and an excellent addition to this wedding video. Because it’s usually a more casual atmosphere, some of the best speeches often happen there. And in this case, so many of Jared and Kelsey’s loving and devoted friends and family were able to express how they felt on the mic, whereas at the actual wedding there just isn’t enough time for that. So we are very happy we were able to capture that. Also, they are great for us because rehearsal dinners give us a chance to meet everyone and get a feeling for the wedding’s energy before the actual day.

Filming at Mt. Woodson Castle is always a treat and working with Iman and her amazingly efficient crew makes it that much better. It’s difficult to overstate the importance of great photographers and we can’t say enough good things about Shane and Lauren Photography. This is our second time working with them and hopefully not our last.

We wish Kelsey and Jared the absolute best!!!

Urban Meets Hamptons Wedding Vendor Mixer


We had a blast filming another Urban Style Wedding Network soiree. In typical Urban Style fashion, they chose another interesting location at the ever charming Mt. Woodson Castle in Ramona. Although more mansion than castle by most standards, the property doesn’t disappoint in the least. It feels as though it was created out of the rock and a wood from the very same oak lined hills it occupies. Add a subtle 1920’s vibe and you have the recipe for an amazing wedding location.

Besides the impressive property, all the participating vendors gave 110%. From the live music, DJ, photography, catering, and everything else the event was a complete success. Can’t wait to see what they do next!