Tannaz & Amir


Ryan & Eadeh


What could unite a passionate Oakland Raiders fan and someone totally devoted to the San Diego Chargers?  Well they say “love conquers all things” and this wedding proves it.  Never before have I seen so much NFL banter and heckling woven in with such loving and endearing vows and speeches: brilliant and hilarious!  We also loved filming at The Crossings at Carlsbad and were lucky enough to catch some amazing sunset light thanks in part to Sara France and Co.’s uber-creative photo sessions.  They’re geniuses BTW, and always a blast to work with!  Overall, we’re stoked about how this wedding came out a loved working with this great couple.  Wishing them all the best with their new life on the East Coast where Ryan is building a hot sauce empire.  Check out his fiery alchemy at  Horse Shoe Brand Hot Sauce.



















Sara & Hooman at The Rancho Bernardo Inn


Sara and Hooman’s wedding at The Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego brought all the beauty of their two vibrant Persian and Indian cultures together for one event. From the Indian Mehandi party the night before to the Persian wedding ceremony the next day and on into the lavish reception, we were never wanting for exciting and colorful events to film. Sara and Hooman were such a fun couple with so much history that it was very beautiful to see their genuine emotion and love during the gift exchange, vows and first look. We wish them all the best!

Persian Wedding Video in San Diego

Persian Wedding Video San Diego

Indian Wedding Video in San Diego

Jennifer & Masam at Twin Oaks Garden Estate

Jennifer and Masam had a beautiful wedding at the Twin Oaks Garden Estate in San Marcos. The energy of their friends and family was truly infectious, and Jennifer and Masam were so much fun. We love filming wedding videos at the Twin Oaks Garden Estate because everything is so close together, the staff are wonderful and attentive and the grounds have an antique country wedding, aesthetic that is rare in San Diego.