Katie & Michael


Filming a wedding video at the Hilton Torrey Pines is always a great experience. But unless we’re incredibly sneaky and the couple is willing to wear helmets, we don’t normally get to film on the Torrey Pines Golf Course given the dangers of high speed flying white objects . It’s no secret that Michael the groom loves golf (just listen to his brother’s hilarious speech) and, apparently, has some connections. There are so many amazing views out there and for someone who loves golf as much as he does, we were super excited to incorporate that into the video. Also, they were a completely endearing and fun couple to work with who were always completely natural and casual in front of the camera. What more could we ask for?

Planning: Evelyn Francesca Events and Design
Photography: Anika London
Venue: Hilton Torrey Pines
Florist: Trendee Flowers

bride and groom  Torrey Pines Golf Course

Wedding Shoes

Wedding dress Hilton Torrey Pines

Cute bride hilton torrey Pines

Bride dress buttoned

Bride checks makeup in mirror

Bride in plants

Bride and groom running

Wedding video outdoor

Bride and groom walking on golf course

Golf Course wedding video

HIlton Torrey Pines Bride and groom.

Bride reading letter

Bride and groom hold hands on escelator

Bride reading letter from groom before wedding ceremony.

Groom getting ready san diego wedding video.

Groom puts on shoes

Bride and groom hold hands

Bride and groom on golf course wedding

Hilton Torrey Pines Wedding