Stephanie & Warren (sneak peak)


We just couldn’t help sharing this sneak peak of Stephanie and Warren’s wedding video. There’s something magical about The Condor’s Nest Ranch and we always love filming there.

Jennifer & Masam at Twin Oaks Garden Estate

Jennifer and Masam had a beautiful wedding at the Twin Oaks Garden Estate in San Marcos. The energy of their friends and family was truly infectious, and Jennifer and Masam were so much fun. We love filming wedding videos at the Twin Oaks Garden Estate because everything is so close together, the staff are wonderful and attentive and the grounds have an antique country wedding, aesthetic that is rare in San Diego.

Kyle & Brooke’s Wedding Highlights


Kyle and Brooke had a beautifully authentic, country wedding in Julian, Ca, at Brooke’s parent’s horse ranch. The deep blue skies and golden, oak-spotted hills were a refreshing change of pace. Friends and family all pitched in to put together a very unique and personalized wedding. Kyle, being a firefighter, and an all around great guy, managed to pull off 2 fire engine chauffeurs that delivered the whole wedding party to the reception. What a blast!