Wedding  Highlights 2018 

A highlights reel of some of our favorite moments from 2017 weddings and before. 

Lisa & Aaron

We just can’t help gushing about this amazing wedding! All the effort Aaron and Lisa put into their letters, vows, ketubah and each other really paid off in a huge way for the wedding video. To quote Lisa, “we tried really hard to make the day about us and not the stuff.” Well put! All that narration, authenticity and sharing lets us tell a better story of the day, which is really why we film weddings in the first place. Add a great venue, great vendors, a kick ass band and all the ingredients are there for a fabulous day. We are so happy to have been a part of it.

Michelle & Thomas

What a perfect day! First off, Michelle and Thomas were the nicest people and an absolute dream to film. They brought so much personality and love to the wedding video, not only with their undeniably fateful connection to the number “34” but also with their honest and sincere letters to one another. If that weren’t enough we really couldn’t ask for a better backdrop for their story than the Condor’s Nest Ranch in Pala, Ca. We absolutely loved filming at this amazing wedding location which has the perfect blend of rustic, early California adobe and vintage decor mixed with all the trappings of a working ranch. There was literally something new to film around every corner. These are the days that make us love our job! Thanks again you guys!

Jessica & Jesse

Jessica and Jesse’s wedding at Lomas Santa Fe Country Club was a blast! This is the second time we’ve filmed at this wedding venue in Solana Beach and both times we’ve had wonderful personal vows, great first dances, beautiful champagne light at dusk, and a really fun couple and wedding party. I certainly hope this is some kind of pattern. What more could we ask for in a wedding video? Congratulations guys!

Monica & Scotty

There were so many cool elements that coalesced in this wedding video that we just couldn’t resist creating a longer trailer. We absolutely adore when people put more of their personalities and nuances into their weddings. It’s no secret that Scotty loves movies, and it showed from the star wars themed light saber Chuppah to the mash up of movie soundtrack themes for the ceremony processional, to the toasts and speeches themselves. If that weren’t enough, Scotty heads up a mind blowingly good acappella group which blew the doors off the reception. But maybe the most endearing event was Scotty’s surprise song to Monica – truly amazing! Of course the ever beautiful backdrop of Paradise Point complete with time lapse and aerial footage was a huge bonus as well. Fun wedding!

Breeana & Billy

Breeana and Billy’s wedding was an example of what we think makes for a great wedding video, namely a story. The efforts they put into their vows and personal letters really paid off and gave us something to build the video upon. Of course ample time for photos, a great venue, lots of sincere emotion and great planning played a big part too

Katie & Michael

Filming a wedding video at the Hilton Torrey Pines is always a great experience. But unless we’re incredibly sneaky and the couple is willing to wear helmets, we don’t normally get to film on the Torrey Pines Golf Course given the dangers of high speed flying white objects . It’s no secret that Michael the groom loves golf (just listen to his brother’s hilarious speech) and, apparently, has some connections. There are so many amazing views out there and for someone who loves golf as much as he does, we were super excited to incorporate that into the video. Also, they were a completely endearing and fun couple to work with who were always completely natural and casual in front of the camera. What more could we ask for?

Julie & Marc

With “phasers set to stun” and a whole lotta love for bikes and each other, Julie and Marc brought the full force of their awesomeness to every detail of the wedding. Their choreographed first dance to Michael Jackson’s PYT is probably the best I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine how many practice nights in the living room went into that one. Well done! Having the wedding ceremony and reception at the Lomas Santa Fe Country Club made for the perfect background to all the little photos and details from their lives that adorned the wedding and reception. So much fun!

Krista & Paul

We’ve talked a lot about how much we love filming weddings at Twin Oaks Garden Estate and Krista & Paul’s wedding was no exception. Not only did their relative from Naples Italy blow the roof (or tent) off the reception with his amazing vocal performance, but the whole event had great energy and infectious vibes that carried the day and made for a great video we think. Great vows, great couple, great wedding!