Lake Oak Meadows Wedding Video


Lake Oak Meadows

Located in the heart of the Temecula Valley Wine Country, Lake Oak Meadows is a beautiful, full service wedding venue with lovely vineyards, a lake, great light and amazing staff.  We love filming wedding videos there because everything is in one place and the rooms for bride and groom prep are wide and spacious with lots of character.   Having the rooms so close lets us get lots more footage as compared to when they get ready in separate places.  There are tons of great places to film all over the property and the light at sunset is always amazing as it filters through the trees and vines. We highly recommend this venue!


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Phone: (951) 676-6162


Jovan & Bret

Can’t say enough good stuff about this beautiful wedding! Filming a wedding video at Lake Oak Meadows in the Temecula Wine Country is always a pleasure and this great couple really made it special. Also, filming with my new Zeiss 50mm 1.4 lens kinda blew my mind and it quickly became my “go to lens.” The sharpness and the way it captures bokeh especially through the trees at this particular venue is amazing. Of course, we just loved working with Jovan & Bret who brought so much enthusiasm, beauty and love to what was a truly amazing day.

Brittany & Tom