Green Gables Wedding Estate

As wedding videographers, filming at Green Gables Wedding Estate in San Marcos which is the sister site to Twin Oaks House & Garden Estate, is always great.  Much like Twin Oaks, it has a similar vintage antique ambiance with lots of fun little places and backgrounds to film in: an antique truck, a swing and sometimes, fabulous sunsets with amazing lens flair.  

The spacious, well-decorated getting ready rooms make it very easy to move around and film during bride and groom wedding prep, even with a large wedding party. Although you have to be a little careful about the bride and groom not seeing each other as the rooms are a little close together, their proximity to the ceremony site (like 50′) makes the processional really easy and elegant as they descend.   Just like the Twin Oaks Estate, staff are alway super attentive and usually just a few steps away.   And like most other wedding venues like this, having the  prep, ceremony and reception all in one place removes all the logistical hassles of travel and gives us lots of extra time to film.


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 Green Gables Wedding Estate Photos