Estancia Hotel La Jolla

Having filmed many wedding videos over the years at the Estancia Hotel in La Jolla,  we have noticed many things that make this an exceptional venue for weddings and video.  As seasoned San Diego wedding videographers and visual artists we are especially attracted to the aesthetic appeal this unique venue has to offer.  The antique, adobe ranch, Spanish Colonial and subtle Asian feel together with the succulents, cacti and rich flora provides a very harmonious color pallet for both video and photography.  Another added bonus of a venue that offers both ceremony and reception services, is the close proximity of all the locations.  So much time is lost in travel and logistics when couples get ready at one place, take a limo to the ceremony, travel somewhere else for photos and finally make it to the reception.

The variety of locations is nice, but it’s much more stressful for everyone and usually results in less footage.  The Estancia offers a surprising variety of environments and backgrounds all in one place to film a wedding video.  From the clean, white washed walls and columns of the Spanish Colonial architecture around the larger, lower ceremony area, to the rustic, earthy hues of the Mexican adobe ranch style lobby, bar, and upper ceremony area to the rose gardens in front drive, there is no shortage of amazing spots to film.


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Images from Estancia