Estancia Hotel La Jolla

Having filmed many wedding videos over the years at the Estancia Hotel in La Jolla,  we have noticed many things that make this an exceptional venue for weddings and video.  As seasoned San Diego wedding videographers and visual artists we are especially attracted to the aesthetic appeal this unique venue has to offer.  The antique, adobe ranch, Spanish Colonial and subtle Asian feel together with the succulents, cacti and rich flora provides a very harmonious color pallet for both video and photography.  Another added bonus of a venue that offers both ceremony and reception services, is the close proximity of all the locations.  So much time is lost in travel and logistics when couples get ready at one place, take a limo to the ceremony, travel somewhere else for photos and finally make it to the reception.

The variety of locations is nice, but it’s much more stressful for everyone and usually results in less footage.  The Estancia offers a surprising variety of environments and backgrounds all in one place to film a wedding video.  From the clean, white washed walls and columns of the Spanish Colonial architecture around the larger, lower ceremony area, to the rustic, earthy hues of the Mexican adobe ranch style lobby, bar, and upper ceremony area to the rose gardens in front drive, there is no shortage of amazing spots to film.


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Breeana and Billy

Breeana and Billy’s wedding was an example of what we think makes for a great wedding video, namely a story. Unlike photography, video has the power to tell a more complete narrative story. We build the backbones of our videos from the narrative people bring to their weddings. The more you put out there, the more personalized the wedding video will be. Thankfully weddings provide lots of opportunities to tell these stories: your personal vows during the ceremony, interaction with the camera during the “getting ready,” letters and gift exchanges before the ceremony, a toast or quick speech thanking the guests at the reception and, the least controllable, good toasts from the wedding party. Don’t get me wrong, the venue matters, emotion matters, great visuals matter, but without a good narrative to tie it all together they tend to have less impact. I know there are a million things pulling at you on and before the big day. But if you can take a couple moments away from the planning and chaos and write down what your partner means to you and why you are going to all this trouble. Not only will it help the video but it will clear your head and bring you back to center.

Giselle & Jon

What a fabulous wedding with fabulous vendors. Filming at Scripps Seaside Forum never hurts either. Throw in a dash of Estancia for the getting ready and you have all the ingredients for a great wedding. All the hard work Giselle and Jon put into their wedding really paid off. Their first look has to be one of the most emotional and endearing we’ve seen in awhile. Congratulations you guys!

Mackenzie & Collin

This has to be one of the most finely crafted and richly orchestrated weddings we’ve ever filmed. When people have a vision and a keen eye for planning, a truly unique wedding experience can arise. Filmed over the course of two days, with two ceremonies and receptions and several locations, just capturing all the unique details and moments of the wedding was a fun challenge in itself. Kenzie and Collin both have a pretty obvious lust for life and vitality that was palpable and infections throughout both days. We did our best just to keep up with them  Such a fun two days!

Images from Estancia