DSLR’s and Vintage Pentax Lenses

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There’s something strange and cool about a vintage lens on a modern DSLR.  It harkens to a simpler time in photography before auto-focus, auto-exposure or auto flash. In fact, you can pretty much forget about the word “auto” all together.  Paradoxically, the current HDSLR video craze, which has consumed the wedding video industry and every other video industry has really taken us back 50 years to much more pure form of film making.  For my photography work I invested in the best Canon L-Series glass I could afford; lenses that are usually big, heavy and expensive.  And for photography they exceed my expectations: auto focusing in the lowest of light, auto adjusting exposure on the fly and providing sharp images in a wide range of focal lengths.

And then they added video…  Suddenly, many of the things that made my lenses so great (and bulky) where unavailable in video mode.  Enter the vintage lens.  Every manufacturer wants to sell more widgets and camera makers are no different.