Lloyd Films 2009 Highlights Video

Lloyd Films 2009 Highlights Video from Lloyd Films on Vimeo.

This is a teaser clip of our upcoming highlights video reel from the weddings of 2009. I always underestimate the magnitude of selecting the best clips from so many weddings. Oi Vai! In the meantime this little intermediate video will have to do. What a great year! These wedding took place at such places as La Jolla Cove Suites, Twin Oaks House, Loew’s Coronado Resort, The Cravens Estate and the Temecula Creek Inn amongst others.

Watch it in HD on Vimeo.

Lani + Paul

[flv:http://www.lloyd-films.com/lf-blog-media/lani-paul-highLights-400×224.flv 400 224]
Highlights Video (26min.)

Lani & Paul’s wedding was pure joy to film. Between the wedding parties’ enthusiasm, the families’ tight connection and Lani and Paul’s great relationship there was never a dull moment in the video. I had the opportunity to film Lani’s sister Abby’s wedding two years before which made it fun to see a lot of the same people again. Abby did a fabulous job as wedding planner and kept everything running smoothly. Her Dr. Seuss toast is now my official all time favorite. Who knew? Paul and Lani had their ceremony at the Pacific Beach United Methodist Church and the reception at the Admiral Baker Clubhouse. David Champagne Photography did an awesome job and kept finding great light in unexpected places, which is always the challenge. You can view some of the photos from the wedding on David’s blog. Great wedding!